Bel Aire
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  1. Suburb of Wichita, KS
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It is a great place to live with family. I like the natural beauty in this area. I want to see changes in the neighbor relationships.
Bel Aire is a beautiful community with wonderful friendly people around! You feel safe when you are here. The houses are well built and absolutely beautiful. Get the best of both the city and the country!
My neighborhood is very safe. There is occasionally a police car that will drive through the neighborhood at night, but not often, but that is acceptable due to the safety in the neighborhood.
I have grown up in the area I live in now, and it is a great area to live in. Safe neighborhoods with good distances to businesses and different necessities around town.
What I loved most about living in this area were the neighbors.
A lot of people tend to look down on Wichita, Kansas because it is in the state of Kansas. I love it here and it is the largest city in the state and there is always something to do as long as you put your mind to it. It is not too big and not too small. I would live here again if I could choose as it has taught about the life of a city boy and a farm town. The city is constantly trying to expand and improve, so I believe big things are in store.
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