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The local corporate headquarters and universities keep the town diverse and lively. Still a surprising amount of crime for a town this small. Glad to see local organizations and nonprofits being able to openly advocate for those in need, regardless of political rhetoric.
Moving from a small town of 4,000 people to twin cities of Bloomington and Normal, my experience of Blomington has been nothing short of amazing. Everything I coiuld ever want is right here, and I couldn't be happier with this town and everything about it.
I think that the town is a decent place to live but, also getting a bit expensive as well. People there seem to be nice, and it's easy to get around town.
I loved this city as a college student at Illinois State University! Good food and people in a typical Midwest town.
Bloomington, IL is a great place for the family oriented. There are so many activities to take part in whether it be through your own school or the parks and recreation department. Normal, IL is our twin city and has Illinois State as its main employer. State Farm is Bloomington's main employer. Illinois Wesleyan is another college located in Bloomington, so there is a lot of college life in the twin cities. All of the public schools are highly rated. There are professional level hockey, basketball and indoor football teams that make Bloomington home as well. Overall great community.
The thing I like the most about Bloomington, Illinois is how nice it is and how nicely the town is laid out. I've only lived here about four years and already know how to get around with no problem at all. Almost every neighborhood I've went into was a decent neighborhoods with nice people. The neighborhood i decided to move into was a decent neighborhood but the first thing i noticed was how nice the neighbors were. Another thing I like about bloomington is they have a huge selections of different kinds of restaurants to choose from so you don't have to keep eating the same things all the time. Also another thing that stood out to me when i first moved up here is how the clean the city is. This city seems to be well taken care of and maintained very nicely. You don't hardly see trash on the streets or graffiti anywhere. lastly I would like to say that this is also a very safe city. Almost everywhere you go you can see a cop doing his job.
I think this city needs more job opportunities and better apartments. this city has too many homeless people who need more help than they are getting.
It's a good town for raising a family. The city is safe. Drugs aren't a problem. People in town are nice. Because of the college and the headquarters for State Farm the town is very diverse.
I've lived in Bloomington for all my life and have loved the town. It has many opportunities for everyone in every step of life. There are events for children, students, parents, and the elderly. Plenty of opportunities to get involved in the community also. Overall, it's a great town.
It's ok on my side of town.
It's a great place to raise kids. But for me since i don't have any kids right now this place can be real boring.
I've always thought Bloomington was underrated and there's always plenty of restaurants, things to do, etc. There are also 2 universities, State Farm headquarters, and Country Financial headquarters which bring people, jobs, and money.
there are some areas that aren't as safe as others, but overall it's a safe community.
This area is great if you're moving from a smaller community from the surrounding areas, but having lived here my entire life I'm pretty tired of it.
I've lived in Bloomington/Normal for nineteen years and have never felt unsafe due to crime in any capacity. This sentiment only continues throughout my time as a student on Illinois State University's campus. Both the city and campus police are highly visible and helpful. There's even monthly coffee with a cop in town! Our service men and women are dedicated to make our town and our citizens as safe as possible.
Bloomington/Normal, Illinois, or as we locals call it BloNo is a great place to raise a family and to grow up. It is also a great place to seek higher education, with two accredited universities (IWU and ISU), Bloomington/Normal is a place where many college graduates are settling. The locals are also very friendly and generous, always willing to donate to a cause. I see nothing but good things for the future of Bloomington/Normal as the local universities' best and brightest lay down their roots and begin to call BloNo their home.
Amazing campus, staffs are super friendly and available.
Bloomington is known for being a college town. I believe it also contains the most food options per capita in the United States. It's a good town with lots to do and many job opportunities. Since I have grown up here, I am planning to move when I am out of college, but I could see myself back here sometime in the future. It is a great community, but it can easily be overlooked if you've lived here your entire life.
Certain areas of town are safer than others.
Would live here again. Job opportunities.
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